Options for 2020/21 School Year

Quest Academy will be providing the following 2 options for students for the upcoming school year. Please consider which option will best meet the needs of your student.

Family Option #1- Traditional, On-Campus School

Our current goal for on-site learning is to provide a traditional school setting with additional safety practices put in place. Students would attend a full instructional day, 5 days a week. In the event of another school closure, new grade-level content instruction would continue through remote learning.

Family Option #2 - VALOR (Viable Academic Learning that is Online and Remote) Program

Our current plan for off-site learning is to utilize the Arkansas Ready for Learning content and Learning Management System. Arkansas Ready for Learning will provide a full digital K-12 Curriculum aligned to Arkansas Academic Standards. With off-site learning, new learning will occur, regular student engagement will be required, and grades will be taken. Families opting for the VALOR program will be committing to the program for at least a 9-week grading period.