Good Citizenship. Having excellent character, Quest students will know how to work hard to meet a goal or complete an assignment. They will understand that they need to use their gifts and talents to become part of something bigger than themselves. They will improve the communities in which they live.

Excellent Communicators. Quest students will be excellent writers with a solid foundation in English grammar. They will speak and read well and have the ability to craft good arguments based on textual evidence.

Confidence and Creativity in Math and Science. Quest students will know the basics and have mastery of the skills needed for success in math and science. They will be capable of reasoning to good, solid conclusions. They will be practiced in inductive reasoning, and they will have the work ethic and confidence to tackle difficult problems in math and science. They will be able to spot errors in reasoning and poorly supported arguments.

Knowledge of the World and the Great Thoughts. Quest students will have a thorough knowledge of history and geography. They will have read broadly enough that they can access the “Great Conversation” that has endured through history—asking and answering for themselves the great questions that have persisted through the history of mankind: What is good? What is beautiful? What is true?