English Language Arts

As a 21st-Century Classical School, we emphasize communication and in our English Language Arts program specifically, writing, for language is one of the building blocks of civilization. The proper use and understanding of language is essential for a free people.

Broadly, our English Language Arts program consists of instruction in grammar, writing, vocabulary, and literature. An underlying understanding of English grammar is an essential tool for clear and logical expression. Our goal is to produce capable writers who can successfully submit a timed essay from a prompt and for our students to produce well-written expository essays by the end of grade eight.


Holt Traditions: Introductory Course, Course 1, and Course 2

Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop levels A, B, and C


We select our reading on the basis of two general criteria. Our books must be well-written and well-reasoned to provide our students with good examples to follow in their own speech and writing. Secondly, we select books that support our parents’ desire to raise children of character.


Generally, children progress from the concrete to the abstract in their understanding. Math in Focus from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a Singapore Math curriculum, builds on this approach to take advantage of the way that children naturally learn. We offer two tracks in mathematics: one leading to Algebra 1 in grade eight and one for students who will take Algebra 1 in grade 9. For more information on Singapore Math, visit their website here.


Following the classical model, we emphasize an understanding of the fundamentals of a discipline as a prerequisite for complex reasoning. Our students study world and United States’ geography and the overall timeline of history. These facts in the students’ mind are “pegs” upon which they can build their own arguments and critical thoughts about history.

Grade 6: The History of the United States of America

Grade 7: World History

Grade 8: World History, Arkansas History


Science literally means “knowledge.” When we use the term, we refer specifically to the organized study and body of knowledge about the world. Our goal is to develop students with strong inductive reasoning skills and creativity so that they may better understand the world and use their knowledge to serve others.


McGraw Hill Integrated iScience Courses 1-3



The Door to Science


This one-semester, required course for students in grades 7-8 covers keyboarding basics as well as document formatting, speech recognition, and handwriting recognition. Keyboarding is an essential skill for effective and timely communication in the workforce.

Career Development

This one-semester, required course for students in grades 7-8 is a career preparation course. Students will study communication skills, how personality affects one’s vocation, and the tools used in planning for and choosing a career.


EAST (Education Accelerated through Service and Technology), Music, Art, Art Appreciation, Drama

The Common Core

As a charter school in Arkansas, we teach to the Common Core Standards. Please click here to read the standards.

Other Standards

For subjects without standards specified by the Common Core, we adhere to the Arkansas Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks.